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How Writing a Letter Can Help You Dispute Credit Report Errors

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Consumer Protection

Millions of Americans have false or inaccurate information on their credit files.  A certain amount of these inaccuracies can lead to credit or insurance denials.  It is not only important to check your credit regularly, but also to make sure to dispute inaccurate information.  What is the best way to dispute your credit report?

The On-Line Dispute

Without a doubt, write a letter.  The credit bureaus have an on-line dispute system set up.  Naturally it is what most people are inclined to do.  It’s quick and easy.  However, you are limited to pick you dispute reason from a drop down menu.  Plus you have space of 100 characters to make your statement.  Perhaps that is not quite enough to get your information or point across.  Then the credit bureaus don’t really know your dispute and have a greater chance of giving you the wrong response.

The Call-in Dispute

You can call in your dispute too.  Agents are there to take your call.  However, now you are relying upon that person to accurately take everything down and act upon it appropriately.  There have been many stories of people calling in to dispute only to be talked out of disputing, or told that they need to go address this issue with their creditor.  This only leads to more confusion.

Write a short letter

Writing a simple letter is the best way.  A dispute letter should provide all of your personal information and identify what specific account is wrong.  Your dispute should state why the account is inaccurately reported.  It is not enough to just say it is wrong and demand that they verify it or delete it.  The credit bureaus need to know why you are disputing the information.  A letter is best because there can be no question about what you were disputing and why. You can send it in a way that proves they received it.  The single best way to legally protect yourself in a credit dispute is to write a letter.

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