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Know Your Consumer Rights To Protect Them

Consumer rights in today’s complex world encompass a wide range of commercial transactions and identity gatekeeping. Individuals, couples and businesses rely on a vast web of financial and information networks for essential and everyday activities such as:

  • Applying for and taking out loans
  • Protecting reputations through the information that appears in background checks conducted for employment and other purposes
  • Banking and electronic fund transfers

When the systems we depend on work as they should, we are able to accomplish our goals of making a living, establishing relationships of trust and enjoying the lifestyles we work hard to attain. But when things go wrong, serious problems can turn into brick walls. A consumer rights attorney can be an invaluable ally at such times.

Know Your Rights

Turn to us for information, case evaluations and advocacy in civil litigation regarding any of the following:

We appreciate your consideration of SmithMarco, P.C. Whether you’re being pursued by debt collectors or suffering from credit report problems, you have rights – and we’re here to help.

We Can Help You Guard Your Consumer Rights Proactively, Too

At SmithMarco, P.C., we are a respected group of lawyers with more than 30 combined years of experience protecting the rights of consumers throughout the U.S. We advise clients nationwide from our offices in the Chicago, Illinois area and Sarasota, Florida.

We understand your consumer rights in a broad sense. We are equipped to give you personalized counsel on:

  • How to stay vigilant over your credit score and do all that you can to prevent attacks on it beyond your control
  • How to clean up your credit if there are legitimate reasons for which your score has been lower than you would like
  • How to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other tools at your disposal to prevent background check problems as you navigate through your career

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