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Success Stories

SmithMarco, P.C., is extremely proud of the work that we undertake on behalf of consumers and of achieving successful results for clients who struggle with debt collection problems, debt settlement, credit repair and many other issues. We are especially pleased when they let us know how much they appreciate the results we have achieved on their behalf.  To learn about whether you have a case, through a free consult, contact us at 888-915-0836 or email.

Elizabeth, Florida

I want to express my deepest gratitude for all your hard work and dedication in helping me win my case. Your expertise, guidance, and support have made an incredible difference, and I am profoundly grateful for everything you and your team have done.

Paul, Illinois


We spoke months ago about a 30K Chase bank fraud case that my brother Tom was trustee on. I didn’t know for sure you were able to get everything paid back until I re-read your email. Thanks for your work on this.

When we tried to fight our case alone, we were were shut down. Looking at the law, it seemed we would never get all our money back. Larry was confident he would recover everything and did. DIY works sometimes, but glad we had some good legal help getting the job done this time. 100% recommend this firm based on the way our case turned out.

Terry, New York

I could never thank Mr. Smith and Mr. Marco enough for their assistance.  When Mr. Smith returned my phone call, I was surprised that there was someone still left on the planet who was genuinely interested in correcting what “went wrong.” From the start he was prepared to assist in lifting my burden and he made me feel confident that my issue with the debt collectors could and would be resolved. Later when Mr. Marco continued with the case, he too was professional and caring. Generally those two characteristics combined, aren’t part of the consumer experience; however I’ve been privileged to have two of the best attorneys provide outstanding service! Problem solved! You don’t find this kind of expertise and benevolence in the world we live in today. I feel safe in their hands and I hope that in some way one day I will be able to demonstrate my appreciation to and for them.

Pamela, Illinois

I especially appreciate the fact that I was always “kept in the loop” and learned so much about the credit system. What impressed me the most was that was your firm treated me as though I was a family member. Please count me as another extremely satisfied client! I will definitely refer your firm!

Terry, New York

I could never thank Mr. Smith and Mr. Marco enough for their assistance.  When Mr. Smith returned my phone call, I was surprised that there was someone still left on the planet who was genuinely interested in correcting what “went wrong.” From the start he was prepared to assist in lifting my burden and he made me feel confident that my issue with the debt collectors could and would be resolved. Later when Mr. Marco continued with the case, he too was professional and caring. Generally those two characteristics combined, aren’t part of the consumer experience; however I’ve been privileged to have two of the best attorneys provide outstanding service! Problem solved! You don’t find this kind of expertise and benevolence in the world we live in today. I feel safe in their hands and I hope that in some way one day I will be able to demonstrate my appreciation to and for them.

Maryanne, Illinois

The advice and professional representation I received from you during this difficult process was phenomenal! I can’t thank you enough for your patience in explaining every possible outcome that I was up against in this ugly lawsuit against me. Your ability to de-stress me prior to going into court I greatly appreciated!  I am completely amazed by how you responded to the opposing counsel’s many inaccuracies in a calm, yet dynamic manner.   You truly dedicated a lot of time in preparing for my defense and this was evident by the outcome of the courts decision. I was very fortunate to have you as my Attorney! I most definitely would recommend your services to anyone in need of an empathetic and diligent lawyer.

Damian, Florida

One virtue living in the United States is everyone has rights despite of race, religion, nationality, etc.  These rights are governed by laws. In every facet of our lives there rules and regulations in our jobs, through the government as well as a consumer.  I had a credit account that became delinquent that was forwarded to a debt collecting agency. I consistently made monthly payments for approximately 5 years. Throughout this time frame my balance decreased from thousands of dollars to a few hundreds.  In August of 2014 I received a threatening phone call from another debt collecting agency stating that they bought over my account from the previous debt collector. They informed me that my account was delinquent by thousands of dollars, they have no prior records of payments, and if I don’t pay them I will be taken to court. Instead of panicking and succumbing to them.  I went to Google.  I found SmithMarco, P.C.  Attorneys At Law. This law company was empathetic as well as professional in discussing with me what they were going to do to assist me with my situation. SmithMarco’s main goal was to pursue this debt collecting agency for violating my rights.  Throughout the entire situation their objective was not for monetary compensation rather to uphold the laws to assure me that this debt collecting agency was unethical and unprofessional in their practice.  SmithMarco always exercised standards of honesty, professionalism, and candidness. I felt very comfortable.  In the end SmithMarco was successful with my case. This law company doesn’t treat you as another case or statistic rather they treat you as a human being.

Lisa, Texas

Thanks very much Larry.  I am very happy with the level of professionalism and the integrity you and David have demonstrated throughout this entire process.  Awesome work!

Brian, Michigan

I would like to thank you for your assistance as my attorney. When I pursued this matter, I did not believe there would be a settlement.  I wanted to do it to perhaps prevent this company from harassing other people.  Needless to say, the check I received in the mail last week was a nice surprise.  I appreciate your efforts regarding this matter.  You can be assured that if I need assistance in the future, I will contact you.  I will also refer anyone I know who is in need of legal services.

Janaina, Florida

…two years ago I went through surgery. I basically went for my first appointment and was rushed into surgery immediately. At the time I signed a lot of paperwork. I had no capacity to go over the great load of papers to sign. I complied with everything as soon as I could because of the urgency of the surgery. To make the story short, I signed a piece of paper which I obviously didn’t read due to the situation I explained above. It basically said that I agreed to pay a fee if the total amount was not satisfied by the specific due date.  My bill was double the amount on the next day. So out of desperation I Googled “debt lawyers”. And found Mr. Smith. I read his entire website, and decided to give them a call after going through other sites which didn’t seem legit. So upon calling, I got immediate response and I was relieved immediately knowing that I did have a case, and that this situation was illegal. I couldn’t be happier with Mr. Smith and his firm. They were available the entire time. I got immediate responses to all my questions while the process was taking place. The staff was amazing answering back to me. I highly recommend calling the firm. They are amazing in what they do. And they are out to help you. I am very grateful.

Thomas, Colorado

Thank you Larry & David for all of your hard work. Without you, I’d still be sitting with all the evidence necessary to solve the problem and NO idea what to do with it or who to show it to. I really appreciate your professionalism and prompt communication. I couldn’t imagine my case would be resolved so quickly or with such a fantastic outcome. When no one else would listen because my situation didn’t meet their cookie-cutter “mean collector” scenario, you came to the rescue.

Todd, Missouri

I represented myself in a case that was dismissed, and after the dismissal I had some questions about taking further action that I forwarded to SmithMarco. Larry Smith took the time to speak to me at length and answered my questions, which really impressed me. A few months later a separate suit was filed against me and I had not forgotten the time and attention given to me by SmithMarco, so I immediately contacted them. Again my case was given immediate attention by Larry Smith, leading to a rapid settlement. I have worked with attorneys on many levels for decades, and I have never been more impressed with a firm. Thank you again Larry Smith, David Marco and the whole team at SmithMarco!

Jeri, Michigan

I wanted to take time to thank SmithMarco for doing such an outstanding job in helping me deal with a collection dispute that been hanging over my head since 2009. There has been such a burden off my shoulders and mental state. David and Larry when to work for me and was able to get my situation resolved in a short amount of time. They both went over and above to assist me. My gratitude to the entire staff for their professionalism and treating me with respect and dignity. My only regret was not finding them years earlier. High recommendations to SmithMarco.

Alana, Wisconsin

Thank you Larry!  You have my highest recommendation and I will definitely share with my friends and family the great work you and your firm have done!

Kirk, Illinois

When every other attorney told me I had no case and that a credit collections company had the right to access my credit report with no valid ground, SmithMarco, P.C. listened to my story and found a clear violation. My attorney, Larry Smith, carefully documented everything I told him, told me my options, and led me through the process of opening a case step by step. At the end Larry yielded me a settlement 3 times the amount we initially expected.  I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication the SmithMarco team showed to my case. I would definitely recommend this team to anyone who has been violated by a credit collection company

Aumbree, Colorado

Thank you so much for your help! It was a faster process then I thought! I am very much pleased with the outcome. As I get older, credit is important! So I am very happy! And I will definitely refer people to you or anyone I hear having the same problems!

Michael, Arkansas

I wanted to take this time to thank you for the splendid job you did. Not only did you achieve the end result that I wanted, but you did it in a way that left no worries or extensive communications on my part. “Kudos” to your firm!

Daryl, Arizona

I wanted to write a letter just to express my gratitude towards the people that helped me out. Angel Bakov, Larry Smith and David Marco they were very helpful in my case towards a collection agency that was not very nice to say the least. These attorneys were knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and also gave me advice on my situation. I would recommend SmithMarco attorneys at law to anyone that is struggling to find answers or help. I am very appreciative towards these attorneys because they supported me and helped me close my case against a collection agency. Thank you again.

Tiffany, Illinois

Thank you so much. You all are a wonderful legal team, and I have already told others about your firm. I have had various instances with lawyers involved throughout my life. You all are by far the best I’ve experienced.  Thank you all so much for your continued efforts,  and I will definitely contact you all if I ever needed any legal advice or lawyers in the future. I will recommend you all to anyone I know who may need lawyers as well. Again, THANK YOU!

Albert, Georgia

Thank you so much for having trust in me when we first spoke about my dilemma…. You assured me that you would look out for my best interest and vigorously pursue a fair settlement. You delivered on your promise and made it so easy to work with you and your firm (Thanks, Nicole !) Your work was outstanding and very much appreciated. It will be an honor for me to recommend you and your firm to others that might be in need of your services. Thanks again.

Beverly, Michigan

David – thank you still does not seem like enough…it has taken me days to attempt to sum up all of the feelings, emotions and gratitude I still feel. I would really appreciate it if you would please add this note to your website. I would also appreciate it if you would forward it to Ashley Decker and Nicole Roth whom both have sat with me on the phone and listened as I cried, rambled and at times shut down neither complained or made any attempts to hang up. They just listened and collected the information they needed with a great amount of accuracy.

Please except this letter of gratitude from a housewife in Michigan: Your firm settled my case last week.  In 2006 I lost my son that turned my world over and threw me into a terrible fog. Happiness was not a word or feeling that I could even begin to express. As time passed and with a huge amount of help and support I had finally managed to get the fog to lift and I felt somewhat normal again.  An especially savage collection agency managed to in one day tear my world apart, again. The ruthlessness of these people was appalling. In my worst nightmare I never imagined being treated and or talked to in this manner. I was truly at a loss what to do.  I’m not sure how I stumbled on to your phone number but I do know that you have restored my faith in people. From the first word spoken I was treated with respect, sympathy, and empathy.  I really need all involved to realize how important this was to me and my family. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. I will forever be in awe of how you treated me and handled this situation. Once again thank you.

Bethany, Colorado

Hi Larry….I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your work on my behalf. It’s always a good feeling when someone has your back. I will certainly turn to your law practice if I were to need legal help in the future, and I will refer friends to you without hesitation.

Crystal, Arizona

Your staff was very professional and courteous, I could not have asked for better service. Truly saved me a lot of headache and time. Will definitely use your service again if ever in need. I have no problem ever referring your services to anyone. Again thank you!

Elvis, Illinois

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and the firm for the successful conclusion of my consumer rights/credit case…

I also thanked [my friend] for referring me to your firm. I was relating to her how frustrated I was witha company who I thought dropped their efforts to collect a disputed claim.  I had no ideas they had put a negative comment in my credit report, until my daughter needed me to co-sign for her in order for her to rent an apartment.  I tried on my own to straighten the matter out, but could not get the collection company to correct the matter.  In fact, they told me there was only one thing for me to do, pay.  I continued to dispute the claim.  [My friend] suggested I call SmithMarco, P.C.  She was confident your firm could correct the problem.  She was right!

You and your staff explained my rights, got my authorization so you could represent me, and prepared my lawsuit.  I was pleased when you explained that fees are structured by law so that the collectors must pay, and your firm held them to that obligation.  I was surprised by how quickly your firm moved.  Thank you, SmithMarco, for being my voice.  I have begun to share my experience with people.  I will not hesitate to tell others to call SmithMarco if they are in a situation like me.

Brandon, Colorado

Smith Marco does exactly as they promise.  Quick results that far exceeded my expectations.  Larry Smith  fights for all of the little guys out there whose rights are routinely trampled by unethical debt collectors.  Thanks Larry.

Terri, Illinois

I want to say a profound “thank you” to both Larry Smith and David Marco for the excellent work that was done on my accounts relating to two finance companies.  Luckily, I had done business with SmithMarco in the past and was aware of their fine record in achieving justice on the behalf of their many satisfied clients.  This story has a happy ending with my credit reports cleaned up after this debacle.  I would highly recommend this company to everyone.

Angela, Nebraska

I want to thank Larry, David, Angel and Nicole, for such an outstanding Job, for my case.  SmithMarco Is the finest law firm that I have ever had to represent me.  In addition, they were very cordial, respectable, professional, and to the point, of seeing that your problem is resolved, I have told my family and friends about SmithMarco,and have recommended them of their service.  Yes, I will continue to come back and use their service in the future, and  I am genuinely satisfied with their service and also caring nature. Again, thanks to all at SmithMarco.

Terrence, Alabama

My identity was stolen (I had police reports, indictments and arrest records to document), but for years many unauthorized charges were left on my credit report.  After 5 years of fighting with the credit agencies alone, I learned of the SmithMarco Law Firm. When they became involved, they completely cleared off all the unauthorized debts from my credit history and won a settlement for me!  This burden (not of my own making) has been lifted from me and I am made whole by these knowledgeable, dedicated and easy- to- communicate with people at SmithMarco.  Thank you David, Larry and Nicole!

Bradley, Missouri

We are very pleased.  All aspects of our experience were handled very positively along with the positive outcome.

Irina, Illinois

I am writing to you to inform that we got a new car yesterday.  Your help means a lot to our family!  We are immensely grateful to you and your team. You have achieved an excellent result, the best possible outcome.  Also you helped me to feel safer while driving, especially when my little son in car with me.  It was a pleasure to work with you. Your professionalism and attitude to me as your client is precious. Me and my husband are proud to know you! We appreciate your experience and will definitely recommend you to our friends and colleagues.

Charles, Illinois

When I first learned I was being sued for hospital bills over a declined workers compensation claim, I was furious, especially after telling the hospital my personal insurance would be paying.  That information fell on deaf ears and I was still being sued.  I couldn’t understand the process.  I kept going to court trying to explain to the judge that the personal insurance is going to pay, which they did during this process; however, the lawyer from the other side said he wanted his attorney’s fee.  That infuriated me because I told the hospital all of this prior to being sued.  I believed I was in the right all along but didn’t have the knowledge to articulate or research the law to defend myself.  Thank God for Larry Smith and David Marco of SmithMarco Law Firm.  I had to realize and understand that a person without a lawyer has a fool for a client in today’s judicial system.   I will forever be thankful to these guys for their hard work in my behalf.  Hearing that the people suing me put their tails between their legs and ran like dogs gave me my dignity back after SmithMarco did a number on them.  Thanks guys.  God Bless you.

Mary, Michigan

I can not thank you enough for taking my case and for the settlement we are receiving.  I am very pleased with the out come of this case.   I will surely pass on your name if anyone I know is in need of your expertise.   Thank you again.

Samantha, Wisconsin

After receiving a letter saying I owed a particular debt, I called [the debt collector] to verify some information. None of my questions were answered, and I was told if I didn’t set up payment arrangements immediately (still without any questions being answered, mind you) the debt would go on my credit report. Fearing I would have no choice but to pay up in order to save my credit, I started googling ANYTHING that would help me out, and that’s when I stumbled across SmithMarco. I first talked to Laura Ellis, hoping for some piece of advice, and she said I might have a good case. I filled out the required paperwork, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Angel Bakov answered any and all questions I had, no matter how “stupid” they seemed. And trust me, there were A LOT of questions. In the middle and end of the case, my main correspondence has been with David Marco, and I was blown away with how willing he was to answer any questions I had and to sit and explain things to me in detail so I understood them. Again, there were A LOT of questions. The case was settled, and I got exactly what I wanted. I will definitely recommend this firm to anyone going through this horrible experience with debt collectors. These three wonderful people gave me hope when I thought hope was lost. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me.

Felicia, Florida

I want to thank Larry and the whole staff at Smith Marco. I am so impressed and surprised with the outcome of my case. At first I didn’t even know I had a case, I was so aggravated from the harassing letters and phone calls from a company that I didn’t owe anything too.  They were professional, courteous and to the point. I kind of put the case out if my mind not expecting anything and got a lot more than expected. I wanted justice and I got a little money too.  I only have good things to say about this firm and highly recommend them. I have a family of Chicago lawyers and they do not hold a candle to this firm.

Shayla, Nebraska

Thank you so very much for all of your hard work in settling my case.  Ever since I acquired this debt, it has been like a black cloud hanging over me.  I was confused and angry that they said I even owed it in the first place and then to start getting collection calls just added to the stress.  Thank goodness when I was doing on-line research on debt collection, that I stumbled upon your website.  I filled out a form, not really knowing what to expect.  I really couldn’t believe that I had found a law firm willing to try and help me.  However, you went way above and beyond any expectations that I had about obtaining an attorney for my debt case.  You kept open and frequent communication with me, answering all questions that I had and explaining everything in detail.  When I received word that my case would be settled, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I cannot thank you enough and I express complete gratitude for how you have helped me.  I will be sure to pass on a recommendation for you to anybody going through a situation similar to mine.  Again, thank you very much, and I appreciate everything.

Annafe, Nevada

Thank you so much for the positive response regarding our case. I appreciate the hard work of Angel & the rest of the crew in getting things done. I would sure recommend you to all my friends needing same problems if they need one. Again thank you for all your job well done.

Chris, Illinois

A+ all around for SmithMarco! They were always very professional, thorough, consistent, persistent and most importantly SUCCESSFUL! I couldn’t be happier with my results from working with this group. High recommendations! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Thomas, Illinois

I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your efforts.  This is a huge mental load this is off me…  For over a year I’ve felt really bullied trying to deal with these guys, and I’m relieved I can soon start paying these guys what I owe and move on.

Kim, Illinois

Is that check you sent me in the mail for real?  The timing couldn’t be better, an answer to my prayers.  I appreciate all the time, effort and hard work you and your staff have been putting into fixing my debt harassments.  I would highly recommend your services if needed.

Mary, Wisconsin

At first, I didn’t believe that there were professional law firms like SmithMarco, P.C., who deliberately chose to defend and protect people like myself from “hot pursuit” debt collectors.  But now I believe.  I cannot express the fullness of my gratitude to SmithMarco, P.C., especially Attorney Larry Smith, for his out-of-the-stratosphere legal knowledge and expertise as he represented me in a matter that now, because of his due diligence, no longer exists. Eternal thanks.

Sarah, Illinois

Thanks SOOO MUCH!!!  You and your firm have been pretty amazing, because I was really feeling hopeless about the situation.  There are many people out there who struggle with the same things I was, and I want to do my part to lead them towards your firm. I happened to find your ad on line by chance.  Keep fighting the good fight for those of us who feel like we have no voice, hope, or champion!   I cried tears of joy after my first contact with you. I had less than nothing, and felt that I had no recourse against parasitic organizations who more than 3 times daily would make me feel without any pride. THANKS!!!!!

Charles, Indiana

Smith Marco is a great way for you to choose who to represent you they took care of my account and had the annoying phone calls stopped.  if I ever have to do it again I will pick then and so should you.

Tina, Arkansas

Excellent service, and the personnel were outstanding.  Everyone was very helpful and understanding.  Mr. Marco always returned my  phone calls, none went unreturned.  I was kept updated on everything that was happening.  All questions were answered. Before a decision was made Mr. Marco informed me of my options, he looks out for his client’s best interest.  I received e-mails or phone calls from Mr. Marco  when there was a new development.  I greatly appreciate this law firm, I would recommend them to anyone.  They get the job done.

Cindy, Arizona

I just wanted to tell everyone at your office thank you again for your help and thanks to you all. I was able to give my son an awesome 5th birthday. If I know anyone who was having the kind of trouble with a collection agency that I was, I will definitely send them your way

Christeta, Illinois

A first time client of SMITH MARCO, P.C., I was harassed and bullied by a collection agency through a telephone conversation at my busy work. They never stopped intimidating, telling me to put the owed money to a higher interest credit card so they can collect. I talked to one lawyer, Larry Smith, and gave me some advice. They handled the case, and to my surprise the result was good, fast and beyond expectation.  Thank you SMITH MARCO.

Brandon, Oklahoma

Thank you so much for all of your help in settling this issue. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I come across in need of your services. This process was so simple and so hassle free. I really can not express how thankful I am for your services.

Ken, Michigan

Thank you Larry for all that you and your office have done with this case. We are so pleased that “wrong doing” was not accepted and pushed under the rug as so many times cases such as this does.

Nick, Illinois

My dealings with SmithMarco were more than satisfactory.  I was treated with utmost respect each time I communicated with a representative either by phone or email. I thank everyone with whom I dealt for their interest and concern.

Dawn, Colorado

Thank you for all your hard work…I’ve already told several people about your office and hopefully they will be calling you soon…Again, thank you so much!  I didn’t expect any money when this all started – just wanted them to stop calling.  What a nice Christmas surprise!

Ruth, Florida

I am very thankful for the diligent work you and your firm did to stop the harassing calls from a past loan I was not able to keep payments on due to serious financial problems.  It wasn’t about the money that you ended up getting me (although that was very nice). It was finally being able to answer the call without a knot in my stomach.  Again, thank you for all your work!

Tom & Diane, Illinois

After researching attorneys on the internet we contacted the law office of SmithMarco, P.C., and after much conversation with Larry Smith, we decided to go with their law firm.  David Marco’s representation was awesome! He’s a brilliant attorney who not only knows the law but represented our case in an exceptional way.  With his knowledge and hard work, we won our case.  This was no small case – this was against the big guns, and we prevailed.  I’ll always feel grateful for his passion and hard work. David is truly the best!  With heart felt thanks from our family

Raymond, Missouri

I would like to thank you for taking on this case.  As I said on the phone any settlement especially right now is a god-send.  I wasn’t expecting anything really so thank you very much.  Your phone call was quite a blessing.  Thank you again for all the work you did on this case and thank you for not forgetting me.  You are proof that I still have good luck.

Ros, Illinois

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Larry Smith, his firm and his team for their efforts, help and initiative. The excellent results are proof of a team of attorneys dedicated to helping their clients get the best outcomes possible. It’s not often that you find such commitment. I received accurate and invaluable information that supported extraordinary results.  If not for Larry Smith, I could have overlooked some important possibilities and left a lot of money on the table.  But thanks to Larry the outcome was excellent. I highly recommend SmithMarco.  Everyone needs a good lawyer on their team.  Contact Larry before you have a problem and include him in your decisions. This step will ensure your success.

Denean, Illinois

I received an email from Larry Smith advising me that you and your team received a judgement in my favor for my case. Thank you again for working so hard.

Brian, Michigan

I had an issue with a bill collector and called Larry Smith with a question. They not only answered my question but when hearing the details, suggested that I may have a case against the collector. After engaging the law firm it took less than a month to reach a satisfactory settlement. SmithMarco, P.C., are professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

David, Missouri

Hey David – I’m back home, rested, and just wanted to write a few lines to thank you once again. I truly admire the time and herculean effort that you put into my case. What you were able to accomplish is both a testament to your skill and determination as well as an encouragement to me. You’re the best!

Brian, Illinois

Thank you very much for everything you and your firm did for us.

Cynthia, Indiana

I mentioned to David this morning when he and I spoke but I also wanted to say this to you……thank you! Your firm and associates work so hard on behalf of people like me who have gotten themselves in a very unforgiving position with an extremely relentless sort of people–debt collectors. Although the situation I have been in is completely of my own doing, you, David and your associates have been my knights in shining armor. And I really appreciate it. Larry, thank you! Thank you David! Thank you for everything you have done for me. I appreciate your work and dedication to returning my world to me.
The past few years have been an absolute nightmare for me and I am so thankful our paths crossed. I know your work can be thankless and mundane. But to me, you have assisted in navigating uncharted territory and helped me fight off more than a couple of bullies. Thanks again for everything you do.

Autumn, Michigan

I just wanted to thank you for your help in my matter. You helped me out of a dreadful situation with that company. If I have a chance to pass along your name in this type of legal matter, I will be sure to do it. Have a great day!

Barbara, Pennsylvania

I just want to Thank-You for everything you have done for me. I would highly recommend you to everyone.

Cheng, Minnesota

Dear Mr. Larry Smith, thank you so much for your help… thank you so much and this meant so much to me and my family. I will recommend you to all my friend and family in the future.

Elijah, Missouri

Outstanding…Thank you for your straight forward approach and unvarnished professionalism.

Harvey, Arkansas

Dear Attorney Smith, your law firm is GOOD! … handled this for me in no time at all. I have recommended some others here who might need your help with their problems. They saw how my problem was handled and was amazed at how fast it got resolved. Again, thanks for everything!

Irene, Maine

Thanks again for all your help. I can’t thank you enough for all your great advice plus some extra money too! You definitely were a God-send : )

Jim, Michigan

I would like to thank you and your staff for your services and hard work in resolving this matter. You have taken a very heavy burden and problem off of my shoulders. Hopefully I will not need you in the future but if I do I will consult with your office. Your work was very much appreciated. Once again thank you for the work that you have done.

Philip, Illinois

I am very very pleased with the out come of my case. I would highly recommend your firm to my friends and family. thank you very much.

Keydra, Missouri

Again, I would like to express my Thanks to you and your team and I will definitely be referring your Law Office to friends and family who are having to deal with a similar situation.

Maria, Pennsylvania

GOD BLESS you and your organization…. I feel so blessed to have come across such a efficient firm as yours. Thank you very much for everything,

Maria, Illinois

Again, I want to thank you…for all the work that you have done. You guys were great. I have never been in this situation before and you have made this experience so stress free. I have been very comfortable in turning over the information without any worries.

Rose, Illinois

I want to take this opportunity to thank [her] for all her guidance and assistance in dealing with The Bureaus. Without her, I would have been powerless to do anything to have my Credit Report saved from negative reporting. I found your firm on-line and would not hesitate recommending you to anyone that I know having legal issues. Thanks again.

Sue and Jay, Connecticut

Thank you both of you. Without you folks effort, I probably lost all my money. Thank you for regaining $2000. I have received a few days ago. Thank you again. Have nice holiday to you and hope you will have more successful business . yours fondly.

Theresa, Illinois

Thank you for handling my case against (redacted). Your diligent efforts indeed helped me meet a satisfying resolution. I received the settlement yesterday in the mail. If any of my friends or family is in need of an excellent attorney, your name will be at the top of that list. Thank you again for your prompt attention to my legal matter.

Nick, Missouri

…I am more than satisfied. Hopefully I will not be in a similar position in the future but if I ever have the opportunity to refer business in the future I will… once again thanks for all your help as well as everyone from the firm, you’ve all been great!

Verne, Michigan

I wish to thank each one of your people who have battled with (redacted). I surely appreciate all you have done…Once again thank you for all the time that was spent by your firm… With thanks.

Cris, Missouri

I just want to express my sincere thanks for all the hard work you and your firm have done on my case. I never expected what I consider to be such a fantastic settlement of my claims. As you are aware, I’m an attorney and I actually believed that nobody would take my claims seriously. Throughout my case, your firm treated me with the utmost respect, understanding and compassion that I believe every client deserves. Be assured, I will not hesitate to refer any of my client’s in need to your firm. My best regards.

Marilyn, Indiana

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my most genuine gratitude to you and your associates for all of your hard work on this case. I truly help what you have all don to help me reclaim the money I thought I had lost forever. I have worried endlessly…You have been extremely instrumental in eliminating this heavy burden from my shoulders. I could not have recovered this money without your assistance. Thank you very much!

Diane, Michigan

…thank you again so much for your help on this. If I encounter any issues with this or any other debt I will without a doubt continue to use your services. I will also pass along your company’s information if I should I find someone with need of the services you offer.

Susanna, Colorado

SmithMarco, P.C., was my last hope in recovering my credit from a mistake made by a collection agency. I was going on year three of correspondence with this agency that refused to accept my evidence of a bill I had paid two years prior. I did all the leg work I could have possibly done and I knew I was protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but I could not get them to back down. Due to the small amount of the bill, I had a hard time finding a lawyer that would accept my case. Out of desperation, I googled “Credit Lawyer” and luckily came across SmithMarco, P.C. I was very impressed by their timeliness in getting back to me and thoroughness when collecting my case. Larry Smith and his firm took the time to explain my rights and how the process would work. Furthermore, I appreciated their communication with me every step of the way. The outcome surpassed all expectations I had for my case, and my only regret is not using them earlier! Thank you!

David, Indiana

Thank you so very much.  Your immediate work on my case was excellent along with my results…You have been great to talk with and your understanding, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

John, Illinois

I want to thank all of you for the absolutely fantastic work you did on my behalf.  You were all extraordinarily professional and responsive in handling this matter.  I cannot thank you enough and I will absolutely recommend you to friends and colleges when the occasion arises.

Bettenia, Illinois

SmithMarco, P.C., has been a great firm to work with.  I lost my job a few years ago and it created a domino effect with my bills.  I was constantly harassed by creditors and collection agencies trying to get money I just didn’t have.  They even called other relatives’ home and cell phones.  Simply unacceptable! I am not sure how they got that information but thankfully I found a firm that went to work right away to inform me of my rights while stopping the harassment.  So far, they have won two cases and currently are working to consolidate the remaining debt to an easier payment.  I’ve referred many of my friends and family.  It’s great to have someone on our side. Thank you attorneys Larry Smith, Ashley Decker, and David Marco.

Betty, Indiana

SmithMarco, P.C., please know I am satisfied and quite impressed.  Thank you for a job well done!

Shayla, Illinois

SmithMarco, P.C., exceeded my expectations on every level. They settled my case quickly and ensured my satisfaction.  SmithMarco, P.C., were thorough and professional every step of the way and made sure my interests were protected. They kept their promise that harassing collection calls would cease, and they did. I would highly look to SmithMarco, P.C., to handle my affairs again if needed and will have no hesitation on suggesting them to my associates and loved ones who may need assistance with unfair collection practices.

Keith, Kansas

I would like to thank SmithMarco, P.C., for their excellent service and support in my time of need.  I was unaware of my rights, and had no idea how to fight back against violations from collection companies.  From the very first day contacting Larry Smith’s office, the whole staff was extremely helpful and understanding as to what I was going through.  Their office provided with me with great confidence, that my situation would be handled with the up most confidentiality.  I always felt like I was a top priority, I was always notified of changes and updates regarding my case in a very timely fashion.   SmithMarco, P.C., provided me with information, that I would be able to give friends and family on their rights.  I would recommend SmithMarco, P.C., to anyone looking for a great attorney, with a wonderful stuff that is willing to help you.  SmithMarco, P.C., WILL FIGHT FOR YOU & GET GREAT RESULTS.  Thank you for everything your office has done.

Jaylyn, North Dakota

SmithMarco, P.C., has helped me a lot. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and comforting to talk to. They give me their attention when I am on the phone with them and I have never felt rushed. They have helped me when I thought there was no help or end to the phone calls and threats in sight. I would totally recommend SmithMarco, P.C., to everyone I know! Thank you for all your help! I truly appreciate it!

Paul, South Carolina

About two years ago I started to fight the credit reporting companies about errors on my credit reports. I was about to give up on having this item removed when I found SmithMarco, P.C., had received great reviews for their efforts to make the credit reporting companies do what the law required them to do.  After Larry Smith explained all the details I had full confidence that I found the best attorney to help me.  I am fully impressed by the service I received from this incredible professional office.  They not only did what they said they would do, they did it in an incredible short time. I would tell anyone that has report issues they need to get in touch with this professional attorney.

John, Wisconsin

Hi David – Just wanted to write you and your firm a quick note letting you know how pleased and happy I am for everything you and your firm did in getting my car situation settled.  I truly felt that your firm was looking out for my best interest in this matter.  David, you kept me informed on everything that was going on and I’m glad you shared your thoughts and opinions with me.  I know I wanted to get this over and done with quickly but I’m also glad I held out.  Thanks again.

Aimee, Iowa

I will admit I was skeptical of using an attorney office that I found online.  I was at my wit’s end dealing with harassing debt collectors.  I knew I had some rights as a consumer but I was unsure of how far I was protected.  I ended up calling SmithMarco, P.C., office out of desperation.  I needed answers.  Right away I was greeted with a professional person who listened to my entire story.  After taking down everything I had said, she told me she would call me back later that day to discuss my possible case.  She was true to her word and I was very impressed.  Since the day I contacted the Larry Smith office I have felt nothing but peace in my life.  I know they are on my side and going to take my personal interests to heart.  The entire staff consists of such professional people.  The thing that most impressed me is that they pose no judgment of their clients.  It can be embarrassing to admit the financial mistakes we all make at some point in our lives.  My hope is that what we are accomplishing with pending lawsuits can change the way debt collectors operate.  No one deserves to be harassed or belittled because of looming debt.

Kelley, Missouri

It is a great relief to have my case resolved so quickly and just in time for the holidays!  For your efforts and hard work on my behalf, I thank you.

Barb, Missouri

Several years ago, I was searching the web and came across the website for SmithMarco, P.C. I was kind of hesitant at first, but I didn’t have anything to lose. I was very much unaware of my rights until this firm educated me on them. This was like a new beginning for me. This company has so much changed my life in a good way. The first experience that I had was with my Mother, she was being harassed by a bill collector over and over, at the time she was in her middle 80’s.  The company was so rude to her and even called her bad names, not to mention the threats of coming to get her and put her in jail.  SmithMarco, P.C., took care of this collection company fast, it was just a matter of one day and the collection company had already stopped harassing my Mother and I. They filed a suit against this collector and won.  I think there was about four (4) different parties involved in this case against the collectors. Since then, I have had a few more cases that I have used SmithMarco, P.C., and they have always won for me, their paralegal team is always friendly and fast to get everything done for you quickly. I have never heard of a Law Firm as this one that can take care of the problem so fast.  I am just amazed of what they can do for people.  I have recommended you so many times to people that are in violation with collectors on various web site and blogs.  ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING  THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME AND CONTINUE TO DO.

Dara, Indiana

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your patience and work on this. I realize it is your job but when I felt I had no where else to turn and that I was just going to be stuck with a car that I was afraid to drive, you were the only one who listened and took action.  I also want you to know that I am telling everyone I know that I have a GREAT lawyer if they need one. I honestly hope none of my friends need to ask me for your name but if they do….Thank you so much.

Trina, Missouri

Thank you for all of the hard work that all of you have done for me. I appreciate each and every one of you that has worked on my case.

Deb, Kansas

I want to thank you again for the superior job you and your associates, particularly David Marco, did for me…I spoke with three other firms prior to speaking with you.  All of these other firms told me it would be cheaper to just pay the debt collector what they wanted, whether I owed the money or not.  All three of them wanted a retainer upfront.  SmithMarco, P.C., on the other hand, required no upfront payment, went to bat for me, protected my rights, and I received money from the third party debt collector.  You just can’t ask for better than that.  I will always recommend your firm highly, Larry!

God bless you and David, Larry, for the work you do for the “little guy”.  Thank you again very sincerely!

Alicia, Minnesota

I am very thankful for what SmithMarco, P.C., did with a creditor that caused a lot of distress in my life. I am very impressed with the results SmithMarco, P.C., got for me, how quickly the handled it, and kept me in the loop during the process. I know who to call if I ever have a situation like this again and what name to give to my family and friends if they have any issues too.

Thank you very much SmithMarco, P.C.!

Joan, Illinois

I would like to thank you for everything you have done on my behalf. When I was faced with this problem I had nowhere to go and couldn’t find anyone to help and thought there wouldn’t be anyone who would care. Then I found SmithMarco, P.C. It is hard when you are very ill or old. There are people who take advantage of you and hope they scare you enough to give them money even when you paid all your bills. The collections people were abusive and threatening, and would intimidate me. I would like to thank SmithMarco, P.C., for all their help in this matter. They were able to work on an agreement with the collection agency that I believe is fair. I would recommend SmithMarco, P.C., to look out for you interest so you’re not alone, and they do care. Thank you and may God bless all of you who helped in this mater.

John, Colorado

I discovered SmithMarco, P.C., on the web. I was looking for information about Fair Debt Collection laws when their web site was displayed. Their banner which contained the words “free consultation” is what caught my eye – anytime a lawyer offers a free case review, I’m interested!  I filled out their questionnaire. Within about 20 minutes after filling out the form, my phone rang and an attorney was on the phone.  I had been bombarded for several months by an unrelenting debt collector. The collector’s tactics were clearly illegal.  SmithMarco, P.C., made the calls stop! My phone was strangely silent!

A word to the wise: save evidence of debt collection calls and then contact, SmithMarco, P.C. They did a great job! Thanks.

Kalyan, Oklahoma

It was great working with Mr. Smith and the team. They are very professional and quick in response and they helped us in every step of our case. Without their assistance it could have been many more months or years before our case could be resolved. In short, Without the help of Mr. Smith and the team we could have never won the case. Thanks a ton for your assistance. I would recommend you to everyone I know if they are in need of any legal assistance or advice.

Susanna, Colorado

I will for sure recommend you to several of my friends and family that are in need of your services ! Thank you very much

Steve, Nebraska

I appreciate all the work that you and your team have put forth to expedite this case and bring forth a swift resolution… You guys have been phenomenal throughout this whole process. From your quick response time to my very first inquiry on your site to the time this case has wrapped up, the lines of communication have always remained open between us. Thanks again for making this a quick and painless experience!

Belinda, Illinois

Thank you so very much for all your help with everything. You helped me sleep a little better….People really need to know that there is help and hope out there, especially from a wonderful lawyer as yourself…If I had not done some research, I probably would have paid these people some kind of agreement because they were so threatening….But thanks to all of your help from you and your staff, I now know to investigate a little further, as well as ask you for help.

George, Illinois

I found SmithMarco via the Internet. I had already spoken with numerous lawyers about my case and I immediately felt that by going with SmithMarco that I was in good hands. They tell it like it is and work very hard to get everything resolved to your satisfaction. I never felt as if I was one of many cases that were being worked on as we were in constant contact and I always felt as if my case was their number one focus. They are great, honest and very hard-working.

Kelly, Michigan

Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you have done. Your services were very helpful. Thank you for keeping me informed of my rights.

Andre, Indiana

Thank you for your help in this matter.  Your office is giving the American people a tremendous service.  Once again, thanks SmithMarco.

Patty, Nebraska

Great Job with [my debt collector case].  Nice to know that I can feel that I was right to call you for help.  Thank you!

Deb, Wisconsin

David and Larry: Thank you so much for all your help.  After dealing with my husband’s cancer and then his passing almost 3 years later it was a godsend to have found your firm.  The last thing I needed was to have a creditor calling 3 to 8 times a day.  The others were understanding and left me alone.  Then they set up payment plans after he died.  But, not the one you helped with.  Just the relief to not have the calls alone was fantastic.  But you didn’t stop until a settlement was reached.  I would recommend your firm to anyone I know with similar problems. Sincerely and thankful, Deb.

Jennafer, Illinois

I really appreciate your firm picking up my case and coming to a settlement that I definitely did not expect! I appreciate all you have done.

Lori, Wisconsin

I am very happy with your law firm.  I consider you a God send.  I will tell and do tell people how happy I am with your firm.  I am very happy with Angel’s work.

Susan, Illinois

Thanks so much for all that you did Larry! Both you and David were amazing and I would highly recommend your services to anyone and everyone. I truly appreciate all that you did.  We are very pleased.  All aspects of our experience were handled very positively along with the positive outcome.