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How To Sue And Recover Money After Your Bank Account Was Hacked

No one expects their financial account to get hacked, but it happens to thousands of consumers every year. Many lose everything in their accounts, putting them in an unexpected and difficult financial position.

You may be entitled to damages if money went missing from your account in an unauthorized bank transfer or charge. Your rights are protected under the Electronic Fund Transfers Act (EFTA). If transfers were made illegally or without your authorization, you must know what legal steps to take. SmithMarco, P.C., fights tirelessly for justice on your behalf, using more than 45 years of combined experience to protect the rights and money of clients nationwide.

Our Consumer Protection Attorneys Help Victims After An Unauthorized Bank Account Transfer

Over the decades, we have helped recover more than $1 million in stolen funds for our clients. We have been doing this for 45 years, and we know how to get results. You are entitled to your money back – and possibly more. Get started today with a free consultation. The law can be complex, but we will guide you through the process.

Act Now. You Have One Year To File A Claim After Your Account Was Hacked

There is a statute of limitations on these financial cases, meaning you have just two years to file. Do not wait. It is critical to act quickly with an experienced legal team at your side. We serve clients nationwide from our main offices in Chicago and Sarasota. This puts us in the ideal location to serve clients in Wisconsin due to the close proximity of the Chicago office to the federal courthouse in Milwaukee.

Contact Our Bank Fraud And Scam Recovery Attorneys

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