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Did A Background Check Report Keep You From Getting Or Keeping A Ridesharing Job?

Are you a driver for Uber, Lyft or any one of the other ridesharing companies? Are you thinking of applying to become one? As an existing contractor or an applicant, you will be subjected to background checks. Before you begin employment with any rideshare company and often consistently throughout your employment, the company will conduct criminal and other background history checks to verify your eligibility to work for them.

At SmithMarco, P.C., we investigate to discover reasons for which our clients’ applications have been denied or they have lost their jobs over background checks.

How Are The Background Checks Performed?

As part of the application process to each rideshare company, you are required to give permission for the company to perform a background check. Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Post Mates and a few others generally use a company called Checkr. Checkr will search multiple databases around the country for criminal records and poor driving records that match you. If something that is disqualifying appears, then the background check fails. If this was a first-time application, you would be denied the job. If you were already employed at the time, you will be locked out of the app and will not be able to work.

Either way, you are entitled to know what information appeared on the report that cost the job, and it is the requirement of the employer to provide you with that information. In the rideshare world, Checkr will typically provide the information directly to you in an email.

The 3 Most Common Errors That Lead To Unfair Failures

A background report can contain an error that costs a job. The three most common errors are:

  • Merged or mixed files: Often, one person is confused with another because they have the same name and/or date of birth or other personal information.
  • Expunged or sealed offenses: While a criminal conviction can be reported indefinitely, many people are able to have the offense expunged or the file sealed. Unfortunately, sometimes a background report locates and reports such information as if it was never sealed or expunged.
  • Misread public record information: Sometimes the background reporting agency will fail to note when a felony was reduced to a misdemeanor or misread a not guilty verdict as guilty. Driving records are also sometimes misread and misunderstood, leading to a false conclusion that a report indicates a poor driving history when there is none.

We are scrupulous, determined attorneys who often uncover such errors and find ways to get our clients’ applications or periodic reviews cleared.

What Are Your Rights Regarding Background Checks?

First, you have a right to consideration of an accurate report for your employment. If any of the above scenarios should happen, you should call our offices immediately.

In addition, you have a right to dispute inaccurate information on your report and force a background company to investigate your claims and respond within 30 days. Most background companies such as Checkr will notify you of this right when the application is being denied and will let you know where to submit a dispute. Upon receipt of the results of such an investigation, assuming the bad information was removed, you can direct the background report company to reissue your new background report to the ridesharing company employer.

Don’t Give Up After A Background Check Fail; Protect Your Employability

In addition to reviewing criminal and driving records, we also look at credit report issues that may affect background check outcomes and help clients get them corrected, if appropriate.

To learn what it takes to get your background check problem investigated and, ideally, fixed, contact SmithMarco, P.C., in Sarasota or the Chicago area by completing an online contact form.