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When Expunged Or Sealed Records Appear On Background Reports

Often, when a background check is being performed, the background reporting company will unearth records that were supposed to be expunged or sealed. Many states have rehabilitation laws that allow nonviolent or first-time offenses to be expunged (erased) or sealed (hidden from public view).

If records of yours that should have been expunged or sealed came to light during a credit or employment background check, bring this to our attention at SmithMarco, P.C. From offices in the Chicago area and Sarasota, Florida, we serve clients in many states.

We Will Stand Up For Your Rights After A Background Check Problem Occurs

If you have been able to obtain that legal protection from hiding a previous record, you should not suffer from having it appear on a background report.

Background reporting companies have an obligation to utilize all reasonable procedures to ensure maximum accuracy in their reports. They should, therefore, be able to weed out offenses that have been ordered by courts to be erased. We will go to bat for you to uphold your rights in such a situation.

Ask An Attorney What To Do Next

SmithMarco, P.C., has a strong record, as our lawyers fight consistently for consumers’ rights. Let us hear from you if you have experienced harm after an improper background report was prepared with information that was supposed to have been erased.

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