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Getting Sued for a Debt? Don’t Hide from it, Get Legal Help

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Consumer Protection

Getting served with a lawsuit by a creditor can be an extremely lonely and deflating feeling.  Many Americans are in debt and unable to pay all of their bills.  When someone is having a hard enough time making ends meet, it can be made worse when the pressure of a lawsuit comes to your door.  The initial reaction is to want to hide from it.  Perhaps you just don’t have the money to pay it right now.  Hiding and ignoring a lawsuit is the worst thing you can do.  Contact counsel for help – it can save you thousands.

The typical thought is that hiring a lawyer to defend these lawsuits can cost thousands of dollars.  Maybe more than the debt itself.  Not so.  Many firms, like SmithMarco, P.C. offer free consultations for these matters.  A few minutes with a lawyer can provide a wealth of education on what is facing you.  Perhaps a good deal can be made, where you pay for some legal services and your debt gets resolved.  Most importantly, you can avoid having a judgment entered against you.

After a lawsuit is filed, the creditor seeks to obtain a judgment on that lawsuit.  In other words, a declaration of victory on their lawsuit.  A judgment can last a very long time, and in some states, even be perpetual – last forever.   You should check your state’s laws on how long a judgment lasts in your state.  In some its as low as 7 or 10 years, and in some its as high as 20 years.  In virtually all states, a judgment can be renewed or revived.  That is, the creditor can ask the court to prolong the judgment to allow them more time to collect it.  And unless there is a compelling legal reason not to, the court will always renew that judgment.

Therefore, having legal experience in your corner won’t cost thousands.  It will save thousands.  While we here at SmithMarco, P.C. cannot defend lawsuits in every state, contact us for a free consultation to see where we can help.