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Driving History Reporting Errors Causing Qualified Drivers to Lose Employment

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Consumer Protection

As rideshare businesses are on the rise, many people are turning to Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, and DoorDash for income. Many former commercial drivers and truck drivers are deciding to settle down from the more rigorous transcontinental driving for more easy, local rides. Each of these drivers will have to be put through the rideshare companies’ background checks that include not only criminal histories, but driving histories as well. Some of the former truck drivers may find themselves a rude and unexpected awakening.

The rideshare companies primarily rely upon one or two background reporting companies to perform background searches, Checkr and HireRight. Thorough our experiences at SmithMarco, P.C., we are seeing a pattern arise. Background reporting companies are apparently misreading information on driving records and reporting that there are driving restrictions when there were none. In one instance, a truck driver allowed their commercial license and their hazardous material endorsement lapse due to retirement. When reviewing the driving record, the background reporting company allowed the information regarding the lapsed commercial license appear as a regular drivers’ license issue. That is, the license appeared expired.

In yet another frightening mix up, a few drivers who had taken up the hobby of motorcycle riding have faced similar problems. Riders that are learning motorcycle riding may have restrictions on the use of the motorcycle, such as no freeway driving, no nighttime driving, or no passengers. Those restrictions for the motorcycle have been mixed into a regular driving record which caused the appearance that there were restrictions on carrying automobile passengers. Needless to say, these little mix ups have led to great economic losses to those planning on earning their income driving.

The remedy is simply to act fast and contact that background reporting company to let them know that the information is wrong. Upon receiving notice of your dispute, the background company has 30 days to investigate and correct its error. Also, if you are losing income because of these inaccurate reports, contact us at SmithMarco, P.C. for a completely free case review.