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Larry Smith answers on Employment Background Checks

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Consumer Protection

Our very own consumer rights attorney, Larry Smith, contributed to the article “Does Your Credit Score Show Up on Your Background Check?” with Opploans.

So, does your credit score show up on your background check?

“In a word, no,” answered Larry P. Smith (@LarryPSmithlaw), an attorney at SmithMarco. “Credit scores typically do not show up on a background check. Most background checks for employment do not seek credit information, but rather, criminal history. They are typically looking for whether you are dangerous to employ.

“Some pre-employment screenings do go deeper and look at credit. This is usually when the job requires the employee to handle money- as many states are enacting laws to prevent credit checks for employment except for certain circumstances.

“In those instances, a score may be revealed, but again, typically not. Those reports are looking to see whether the person has judgments, has declared bankruptcy, or has a large amount of outstanding debt. Credit scores really do not get revealed in background checks.”

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