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Using multiple forms of harassment to get the job done, Encore
Management has developed a reputation for heavy handed collection
tactics.  Complaints have been posted on internet chat sites
complaining of excessive calls throughout the day, failing to
identify themselves during collection calls.   
Encore Receivable Management, Inc. has been in the collection
business for over 30 years.   Encore is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Convergys Corporation which is a member of the
S&P 500.  Encore employs approximately 2,500 collectors
and has 86 different customer contact centers throughout the United
States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. 

Is Encore Receivable Management Harassing
Making multiple calls throughout the day for the purpose of
harassing the person at the called number is a violation of the
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
.   Moreover, when
contacting a debtor, the collector must make a
meaningful disclosure
of his or her identity, which includes
identifying their company, and must advise that they are a debt
collector and the call is an attempt to collect a debt.  
If a collector is making too many calls to you and is not
identifying who they are or the reason for their call, you have
rights, and you can pursue these rights and recover statutory

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