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Equifax Data Breach

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Consumer Protection

Hello Concerned Consumers:

You came to this page because you have concerns about the recent breach at the data centers of Equifax, one of the major credit reporting agencies.  We are well aware of the circumstances and we are aware that millions of people have been, or will be, affected by this breach.

If you were notified that you may be a victim of this breach, we are glad to help.  First, know that just because your name is on that list it does not mean that you are automatically an identity theft victim and someone is actively using your information.  Being affected by the breach means that your information was contained in a portion of Equifax’s system that was compromised by hackers.  However, to what extent your information may be used remains unknown.  Some people may experience an immediate problem, and for many, it may be years before something happens…if at all.

For the time being, we are advising our clients not to enroll in the free monitoring offered by Equifax at this time.  The concern we have is that by entering into a long term agreement, without knowing all of the terms and conditions, certain important rights may be lost.  Should you wish to obtain a credit monitoring service, there are others out there that are just as effective.

Also, we are advising our clients to simply go obtain a credit report from all three credit reporting bureaus.  Even though only Equifax has been subjected to the breach, if accounts were opened fraudulently, the creditors would report to the other credit bureaus as well, not just Equifax.  The best place to obtain a credit report is from where you are entitled to one free report every twelve (12) months.  Credit Karma or other subscriptions to regular credit report access is not quite as effective for these purposes.  You should obtain a complete and actual credit report.

We are also advising those who obtain a credit report to take special note of the addresses reported as belonging to you and to the inquiries that appear as those which can be seen by other creditors.  Addresses that do not belong to the consumer or inquiries that were never specifically authorized may lead to problems.

If you have obtained a credit report and are concerned for your identity and credit standing, we are happy to help, and as always, offer a free consultation to review your reports and determine the best solution.

We are here protecting consumer rights.

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