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Recovering Your Stolen Money After A Scam Or Account Hacking

The feeling of security that comes with knowing that your finances are protected can be shattered when your bank account gets hacked. Suddenly, the financial institution you trusted to safeguard your hard-earned money becomes a battleground for cybercriminals.

At SmithMarco, P.C., our attorneys know that your bank account is supposed to be a safe haven for your earnings. With a track record of recovering over $1 million in stolen funds for clients, our team of financial experts is here to address your concerns and protect your financial well-being.

Signs Of Bank Account Hacking

The best way to detect a hacked account is to identify the following telltale signs:

  • Unusual activity like unauthorized transactions
  • Suspicious emails or calls, known as phishing attempts
  • Credit report discrepancies

If you have encountered any of these issues, it would serve you well to get an experienced consumer protection attorney on your side.

The first thing you should do after discovering that your bank account has been hacked is contact your bank or card issuer’s fraud department. Immediate action is the key to mitigating the impact of a hacked account.

Can You Get Your Money Back If Your Bank Account Is Hacked?

You have rights under consumer protection laws such as the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, or EFTA. Your ability to recover lost funds depends on the type of fraud, the bank’s negligence and your actions. Our identity theft lawyers can provide valuable insights into the process and help you regain control of your finances. We have helped people get back their stolen funds and even more in compensation.

In an unauthorized transfer case against a bank, generally, the bank has the burden of proof to demonstrate that the transaction was authorized.

Should you succeed in your action and establish the defendant’s knowing deception, then you might be eligible for triple damages.

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